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Ziguele: ecologists, biologists and professionals
together to spread culture, science of the sea environment and promote the enhancement of its traditions and resources.

Blue Experiences ON BOAT!

Excursions, diving, naturalistic snorkeling and customized guided tours for groups, to experience the wonders of the sea and in particular those of the Marine Protected Area of Portofino.

Cooperativa Ziguele
Who we are

Our mission is to protect the marine environment from anthropic impact through lifelong education developing school projects and tourist experiential activities. We lead students and tourists to discover the Portofino marine coast through the dissemination of knowledge about the marine environment, raising awareness on the protection of the sea, implementing sustainable tourism practices. Our educational projects and touristic activities aim to bring the public closer to a different way of experiencing the sea, making biodiversity experience firsthand, inviting the preservation of the environment through the knowledge of ancient local traditions, which are well suited to a planet that asks to put sustainability first.